Children's Program

Matthew 19:14  “Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.

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Children's Program at Dance Academy of Mansfield


The Children's Program follows a proven curriculum built for age 3 to age 8 by September 1st. The purpose of the curriculum is to gain confidence, poise, and a solid frame work on which to build beginning ballet and tap technique. The children for this program are ready to be in a class by themselves. They will begin to learn the basic elements of creative movement, move on to pre-ballet skills and finally into the basic skills needed to stand at a barre. Behavior and social skills such as turn-taking and following instructions will be emphasized.

2018/2019 Fall Season: 

Our Fall Season is 11 months of classes from mid-August to mid-June with a full performance Production on the 2nd or 3rd weekend of June.  For availability in classes please go to the Register Online page.  

3&4 yrs. old Tippy Toes(1 day a week)
Designed to enhance gross motor skills, listening skills and musicality through music, props and dance. Intro Ballet and tap steps are introduced through song and dance.

  • Young dancer at Dance Academy of MansfieldTuesday 6:00pm-6:40pm
  • Friday 5:00pm-5:40pm 


4&5 yrs. old Princess (1 day a week)
Creative movement, pre-ballet and tap steps are introduced through song and dance. Strengthening and stretching exercises are also introduced through creative and fun themes.

  • Tuesday 5:00pm-5:55 pm
  • Friday 5:45pm-6:40pm


5&6 yrs old Garden (1 day a week)
Beginning ballet positions of the feet, hands, and arms are introduced. Basic ballet exercises and steps are introduced. Basic tap steps are taught through song and dance.

  • Wednesday 5:00pm-5:55 pm
  • Friday 6:45pm-7:40pm


6&7 yrs old Seasons (1 day a week)
Ballet bar is introduced with center and traveling ballet steps. Tap technique is introduced along with intro jazz steps.

  • Monday 5:00pm-6:10pm
  • Tuesday 6:45pm-7:55pm
  • Wednesday 6:00pm-7:10pm





Note: Schedule is subject to change based on enrollment

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