"I soooo appreciate your wholesome dance academy and beam with delight that Blainey loves dancing there! That girl has a passion and all of you are such a part of her eagerness and confidence! I thank you wholeheartedly as her grandmother!"   

Diane Wherry 


"We recently relocated to Waxahachie, but have continued to come to your program because of the positive influence it has on our girls.

Recently, my husband deployed overseas, and my oldest has had a challenging time with his absence. The dance recital was only days after his departure, and I have never seen her more confident and full of joy than I did that night. I truly appreciate your program for so many reasons, but mainly for the Christ-centered focus in all you do. Your program has been a saving grace for my oldest, a therapy that she greatly needs.

My other daughter faced her fears and conquered her insecurities. It was truly a joy to watch them be the young people that God has blessed them to be. His gifts were able to shine in them on the night of the performance and I hope that Ms. Christie, Ms. Amy, and all the "older girls" whom my girls think hung the moon, feel appreciated.

This program has been a blessing to our family and has helped my oldest find her way back to happy, when her sad emotions tried to take over. So...thank you...from the bottom of my heart, thank you."



"I have experience with Dance Academy of Mansfield. The owner Christie Garrett is very professional, teaches correct terminology and technique, and totally loves the Lord and glorifies him in every dance she teaches. The costumes are clean and so is the music. I taught there for a couple of years to help pay for my daughter's classes and sometimes even in a 3-4 year old class I could feel the presence of the Lord so strong, I would just have to stop and tell the kids that Jesus was so happy with them!

My grandmother had a secular dance studio growing up and I assisted her. I was pleased to find a studio that not only strives for excellence in dance but strives for excellence in character and Christian virtues."



"I have to agree w/everything Debra said. Dance Academy of Mansfield is a wonderful environment. Ms. Christie was a HUGE blessing and was vocal about her faith and prayer life last year. The recital was UNBELIEVEABLE!! It was a very professional presentation that I think was loosely called a "recital". The storyline was beautiful, the set was fantastic, the dances and costumes were modest, and most of all I was not embarrassed watching in mixed company! =) I loved it!"

Kim Van Arsdale


"You have no idea how grateful we are to have found a truly Spirit-filled Christian dance studio that supports and shapes the passions and gifts God has given these children in a way that so completely honors and glorifies Him. I know I am not the only one who has noticed that is largely due to your and Christie’s godly leadership; one that refuses to compromise to the ways of this world in an art form that too often does. I know God will continue to bless this ministry for that, but I pray He will also bless each of you personally beyond anything you could ever ask or imagine.

Last night, on the way home Katelyn and I were talking (No, she wasn’t tired a bit! lol) about what a special place this is and how lucky we are that God led us here. She paused thoughtfully at one point and then said, “Mommy, I want to dance here forever. And then when I’m big I want to teach dance here. And when I’m old I want my children and my grandchildren to go here!” Who knows what God will do in that amount of time, but what a dream!

I know there are a lot of details that have to be constantly worked out, a lot of stressors, things (and people!) to get organized as well as other factors that get in the way, but I want to urge you not to be discouraged by any of it. You are making a huge difference in the lives of these girls in addition to audiences that get to see what using your gifts for God’s glory really looks like. And that starts with the way you and Christie model stewardship in using your own to teach them.

I hope you enjoy some well-deserved rest in the coming weeks. Know that prayer for you, Christie, fantastic teachers like Miss Baylee, next year’s production and all the girls who will be coming through your doors have already begun. We cannot wait to see what God has in store next year!"



"Good afternoon, I just wanted to say that this is my first year with you guys and I have never experienced such a phenomenal dance production. You guys did such a fantastic job! We had invited some family and friends and they all left in aww and practically in tears and joy and it's still being talked about. You definitely could feel the holy spirit in the auditorium. I didn't take advantage of signing my daughter back up for the fall since she was unsure of her return. However, at the end of the night she told me that she loved dancing and wanted to do it again so I will make sure to sign her up for the fall. Again I just wanted to say what a phenomenal night it was! By the way she thinks Mrs. Kitty is the best teacher because she prays with her class."

Have a great day!
Angie Kirby
(mom of Aryssa Kirby)


"Hi Amy. I hope you are recovered from the wonderful production. I pretty much passed out all yesterday and I was only a stage mom so I can only imagine the toll it takes on you and Christy. I just wanted to say a thanks to you and Christy for what you do.

My daughter Blaine was a poodle, and my 6 year old daughter, Rayn, was in the audience watching the show with my family. My husband told me after that the show was an emotional (and I think spiritual) journey for her. She was in tears many Times and was following the story line the whole time. Out of her own mouth she was convicted by the "jealous sister's" actions. All in all it was something that resonated deep in the heart of a 6 year old. And by no accident. You all do such a stellar job of presenting the gospel in truth and in a way that touches young and old.

The praise goes to The Lord who works in the hearts, and thanks goes to you who work tirelessly to bring the truth to the audience. We are blessed to be a part of DAOM. Praying you all have rest and healing this summer. See you next year!"

Ashley Wickliffe


"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for your time and dedication to your dance studio. This was Sophia's first year at Dance Academy of Mansfield, as well as her first recital. I chose your dance studio because of your Christian-centered approach to teaching. Her teacher was patient, sweet and wonderful to all of her students. The recital was so beautiful!! From the story line to the costumes, to the dances. Your approach to teaching was evident at the recital!

My niece's recital was the following day, and let me just tell you I was disgusted as to what my daughter and I were watching. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the costumes and routines these young children were dancing to. Right then, I knew I had chosen the right dance studio for my family. Sophia has asked several times when her next recital is. :) We look forward to many years with Dance Academy of Mansfield."

With appreciation,
Claudia Cortez


"Mrs. Christie,
First and foremost, I would like to share with you how moved I was with how beautiful the recital was. It was amazing and the girls danced so beautifully! Thank you for all of your hard work.

I also wanted to commend Miss. Tiffany per Joe Tramaine's staff. Morgan went to her first Tramaine this weekend in Dallas. She auditioned for a scholarship and made it through the ballet portion of the audition. Although, she didn't get a scholarship, they were very impressed with her posture and her ballet technique (and her long legs too...hee hee), all considering she has only had 2 years of ballet. They told me whoever is teaching her has done "great work". So thank you and please thank Miss. Tiffany for being an AWESOME role model/teacher to our children. We really appreciate all you ALL have done and continue to do through God's work.

Thank you again and we will see you in August!"

God Bless
Tanya Crippen
aka: Morgan's Mom


"Miss Christie and Staff: I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the recital last night. It was a wonderful show and very creative. I loved how it gave glory to Jesus. I also wanted to tell you how well organized it was. Coming from another dance studio I was throughly impressed and it was like night and day. All of our family commented that they loved it. My daughter had a wonderful time and we cannot wait until next year."

God Bless, Karyn and Mark Johnson
(Hannah's parents)